Operations and Maintenance of HVAC, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Systems for residential and commercial buildings, as well as, for industrial facilities & Specialized services.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Operation & Maintenance of HVAC systems installed at Government Facilities, Hospitals, Commercial & Residential Buildings, Industrial Complexes, Retail, etc.


Operation & Maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plants & Lifting Stations, Pumping Systems, Boilers, Swimming Pool Equipment etc. Operation & Maintenance of District Cooling Plants and related Chilled Water Network; Operation & Maintenance of the Seawater Cooling System; Operation & Maintenance of the Compressed Air System.


Operation & Maintenance of Low-Voltage, High-Voltage substations, Generating Stations, Captive Power Plants, Low Voltage Switch Gears, Automatic Transfer Switches, Lighting Control Systems and Street Lighting.

Operation & Maintenance of Building Management System, Video Surveillance and Security Systems, Access Control Systems, Time and Attendance System, PLC and SCDA Systems, Master Clocks Systems, Parking Management Systems, etc.


  • General Maintenance of Residential Housing Complexes
  • Water Proofing Works in Industrial and Residential Buildings
  • Refurbishment, Renovation and Paving Works

    Plumbing & Water Systems

    Repair & Maintenance of Piping Networks, Valves and Valve Assemblies used for distribution of water; Repair and Maintenance of Sewerage Networks and Sanitary Fixtures.